Twilight Hotel


Review/ChartAttack/Feb 2011

3.5/5 stars

by Jody McCutcheon

Twilight Hotel, the Winnipeg-bred, Austin-based duo of Brandy Zdan and Dave Quanbury, have refined their folky, country-western vibe on their third LP, When The Wolves Go Blind.

The music combines Neil Young and Cowboy Junkies with the dingy, lo-fi sensibilities of Tom Waits. The dark, languid, sassy soundscape is perfected on cuts like the title track, the sexy and provocative “What Do I Know About Love?” and sultry, dusty, atmospheric “The Darkness.”

The soft, mellow “Frozen Town” could be a Junkies tune, but “The Master” and “Ham Radio Blues” both depart from the sonic moodiness, manifesting in a surf rock–spaghetti western sound with some trippy psychedelic reverb.

Vocal harmonies add charm to several songs, and while Zdan and Quanbury may have left the true north strong and free for the warmth and twang of Texas, they continue to sprinkle their lyrics with Canadian references.